love me love you love us…


(images captured august 7 north shore lunar eclipse sun in leo, moon in aquarius. hbd ilikea, x)

dear universe,

…this summer was phenomenal.  it’s been so fucking cool falling in love with my friends. i feel eternally grateful for them. they are my greatest teachers. mirroring. they are intelligent, fun and beautiful. they teach me about self-value self-worth and self-love. they remind me not to judge. to be kinder. forgiving. our presence is the gift. being present. one hundred.

to be a better listener. practice patience. breathe. mirroring.

just breathe. natural beauty. natural. nature. back to basics.

gentle reminders lead to remembrances of the heart. my mind and heart are one. ours.

we are one.


its all ok. we are ok. we are better than ok. we are fucking amazing and deserve what’s GOOD. we are in service. healing the earth through each other. bowing to you.

eat more vegetables, drink more water, meet me at the ocean. let’s go deep. trust fall.

trust. solar plexus style. heart chakra en pointe. third eye wide open.

and then you remind me to rest. renew. repeat. stay in love.

so privileged and honored to be evolving and celebrating the seasons of life with you.

love. love me love you love us.

slow and steady is good. and sundays are the best days. mama moon reminds us.

remember you are dreaming. living. thriving. star catchers. dream weavers.

thank you. thank you. mirroring gratitude. forever. from past lives to the next.

to be enjoying life with you is such a pleasure. intuitive awareness. keep the lessons coming, please…

they all lead back to love.

forever a student. summertime holding space.

equinox feels hearts on fire.

love me love you love us.

thank you.



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