investing in thyself

dear universe: pisces full moon is upon us and I’ve been having these existential moments that feel completely right and aligned even though I can’t quite understand the rhyme or reason within it atm. freedom. not complete, but feeling it. I actually feel hopeful. optimistic.

my computer died the other day. it was my fault, 100%. for now all i can say is that,

“i literally watched it bleed to death.” heartbreak.

and then I remembered that there are waaaaaaaaaaayyy more important things going on in the world to be upset about, and appreciative… and that i would take a dead computer over any being in my life not being here, including my cats. suddenly i felt very grateful. and hopeful.

i invested in myself later that day. my new baby (laptop) is veuve clicquot rose. not black. 😉

i am here. to scribe. contribute. love. share.

there is no price on faith.

trust, xx

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