i like being an insomniac sometimes



the clock on my computer just ticked 4:48… i’ve actually been up for a couple of hours already, and i wasn’t bummed when i couldn’t go back to sleep right away because i actually love this time of the night. it feels like home. there’s something about le noir nuit that feels right. (and plus i’m off from work tomorrow, otherwise i would be having a complete meltdown rn)

seriously tho’: i love the deep silence, the profoundness of being in the moment, and the creative energies that become inspired. plus the star and lune gazing- my fave. it’s my favorite time to write as well.. it’s like the voices in my head aka subconscious gets a chance to be expressed. win win.

this is where i find my peace, between the darkness

and my imagination.
i use the peace within the shadows to ground me and remind me that i am exactly where i am supposed to be and to keep listening to my heart and my intuition. and then the cats want to bond and chill too. i love it.

sunday, 5:05am astronomical dawn, astronomical twilight

so happy rn. gonna go make a yummy café au lait d’amande

for babe and i.
we haven’t had a sunday off together in forever.

can’t wait to take une sieste ensemble ♥♥

xx, m

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