black sweatshirt addiction

dear universe,

why do i love black hoodies? or more or less anything fashionable and slouchy and cozy and chic but def in black…? and i’m suuuuuuuper picky about prints. (i do have a soft spot in my heart though for most cat prints that i’ll testify to being a leo, claiming most felines as my spirit animal) black on black on black on black is my preference. when katie-belle was here and i gave her a tour of our place and showed her my li’l magical wardrobe closet, she teased me and asked if i “needed anymore black sweatshirts”. I replied that um yes, oui oui i actually do.

the first two that came to mind immediately- (and that i’ve been daydreaming about on a weekly basis since i was entranced via the ‘net when i discovered LPA the label, the captivating new fashion brand created by queen Lara Pia Arrobio) -simply put, have me on my knees:

(Model Sophie Koella KILLED IT in the shoot for LPA’s fall ’16 premiere collection)

LPA’s black hoodie sweatshirt #114:

in Pink Roses style: f278cb38a020b4e09e9e45bf53c9e976

& then in FLAMES (my leo heart is gasping): IMG_4780

yes i live on an island and it’s about to be peak summer, BUT idgaf… my soul loves slouchy ass black shiz.

…and YES- surprise, surprise…  i did buy a sweatshirt—-> that’s grey 😉


mua, xx


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